“Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest—thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the under wood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated.” — Beau Taplin (via quotethat)


“Some stuff you leave there, other stuff you bring back. It’s our job to figure out how to carry it. Is it gonna be in a big suitcase or in a little man-purse?

I t ’ s   u p   t o   y o u . ”


Galaxy gradient.

31DC2014 day 19: galaxies.


when you see this, do at least 2 of the following:

  • drink some water
  • take a few deep breaths
  • stretch

and don’t forget to

  • eat, if you haven’t already
  • sleep, if you need to
  • take your medication, if you have any

please remember that you’re important and loved, ok, you’re amazing



have you ever had a weird sort of crush on one of your friends where you cant actually tell if its a crush or not??? do i want to kiss you?? do i just really enjoy being your friend????? who knows? not me

Title: Maps for the Getaway
Artist: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Played: 1754 times


No cash in the bank, no paid holidays, all we have is gas in the tank, maps for the getaway, all we have is time. Stream the entire album here!